Product details

Key safe 2120 E Code

(VAT incl.)

Product description

The robust solution for the highest standards in key hand-over

Special features:

  • Control via 4-digit user code and 8-digit master code
  • Additionally: Remote code assignment – without wireless, WLAN or GSM connection
  • No electricity connection required, battery-operated
  • 3-point lock for especially secure storage
  • Outdoor ready – for key hand-overs to guests, employees or service providers
  • Larger interior than key safe

Benefits of our portal with subscription
1.    Massive Time saving with unlimited number of PIN Codes
2.    No Key handout to third parties or clients
3.    Easy install – zero cables
4.    Unlimited access to our portal
5.    Up to 3 users
6.    Unlimited number of clients
7.    Easy access on your smartphone

Since it has walls made of 3 mm-thick stainless steel and a particularly robust three-point lock, the product satisfies stringent security requirements with regard to key handover.

A special process is used for storing and accessing deposited valuable objects and keys. This enables the remote generation of codes and assignment to recipients – without electricity supply or internet connection.

Code generation and hand-over
Each compartment can be operated manually with a 4-digit user code.
An 8-digit master code is available too. This is used by the owner/manager and serves to open and programme the key safe.

Code generation can be done on the platform. This offers secure, easy to understand and quick operation. The 6-digit codes generated this way have a temporary validity (from 1 hour up to 365 days) and can be conveniently transmitted to the respective users.  After subscribing to the service an unlimited number of codes can be generated to give access to employees, guests, service providers and more.

Finishing and aesthetic
The key safe is solidly constructed with high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel. If using in regions close to seawater opt for the AISI 316 stainless steel version. (see Key Safes 1140 E – 1140 E or 2140 E)
Not only does this special steel help achieve a durable product, it guarantees high-end design – impress your customers with brushed stainless steel!

Outdoor use
The key safe is designed for both indoor and outdoor use since it is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and the electronics are designed for use outdoors.

material: AISI 304
usage: Key deposit, key handover
Number of keys: 1-3
Key Type: apartment front door key, car key, company and operating key, Holiday home key, hotel key, House front door key, safe key
Sea water area: no